London Massage Guide Interview

How did you first become aware of sensual massage and why did you choose to become a sensual masseuse?
Since I can remember, I’ve always been very sensual and tactile. When I was just a girl, I would give back massages to family members and enjoy doing it. Back then it wouldn’t even cross my mind that one day I would become a masseuse, especially not a sensual one. But today being a sensual masseuse for me is like breathing; it’s second nature. My work is a reflection of myself.

When I moved to London, I was introduced to the man who many see as one of the pioneers in the art of sensual massage. He even claims he came up with the term itself, whereas before it was known either tantric massage or an escort service. I can’t confirm that’s the case, but I knew him well as a sex therapist and sensual masseuse, predominantly for men. He became my first teacher and mentor, who helped me develop a more profound understanding of male sensuality and arousal.

I spent many years working along side him. Like in the old days when masters had adjutants, I was learning everyday bit by bit by observing, listening, assisting in four-hands massages, until one day I felt it was time to leave the nest and give independence a try. These days apart from giving sensual massage I also help other female therapists to become independent and built up their own practices.

How many years have you been a masseuse in London and during that time have you noticed more people becoming aware of tantric and erotic massage?

I have been working as a sensual masseuse in London full time for the last six years. I’ve noticed a significant difference in people’s awareness around sensual massages in this time. People feel more comfortable and even have started to recommend sensual massage services to one another.

This change has a lot to do with the growing quality of the service. I genuinely believe, the more there will be highly qualified specialists around the better and more safe and comfortable people will feel to approach this business.
Equally, more and more people recognise significant benefits of sensual massage and the way it helps them feel uplifted, inspired, and more alive.

It is my belief that in a couple of years, this type of massage will become mainstream, even being offered at spas and possibly prescribed by GP’s as an alternative approach to deal with such nowadays ailments and mental conditions as stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, insomnia to name a few.

What can people expect when they visit you for a sensual massage?
Quality, authenticity, serenity, a place of sanctuary, a place where to be yourself, true intimacy and never before experienced sensations.
It is a unique, intuitive and one-off, individually tailored bespoke experience that hard to find anywhere else, so I been told many times…

What is your back pain trying to tell you?


One of the main reasons people first look into massage is because they are experiencing a form of back pain. It’s a common side effect of our modern, sedentary lifestyle. Certainly most people know that too little exercise and sitting in front of a computer all day are hazardous to back health.

But what they don’t intuitively understand is that emotional pain can manifest physically as the back aches they may be experiencing. The body and soul are directly interconnected.

Emotionally speaking, the back represents our support system. Problems with the back usually mean we feel we are not being supported. Dr. Milton Erickson had a famous saying, “If you don’t pay attention… you pay with pain.”

What message is your body trying to tell you? What emotions do you need to change in order to decrease or eliminate your back pain?

Upper Back Pain

The upper back has to do with feeling the lack of emotional support; feeling significant people in your life don’t understand you or support you. You may feel unloved or you may be holding back your love from someone. Upper back pain could also mean that you feel that somebody is always on your back.

By changing a belief that you are responsible for other people’s happiness, it can relieve pain in your upper back and neck. Do things for others from your heart, not from a place of feeling you have to do it or they won’t love you.

Gaining love of yourself will not only increase your happiness – you will be supported from the inside first.

Middle Back Pain

Emotionally speaking, pain in the middle back comes from feeling guilty about ‘stuff’ from the past. Perhaps you are afraid to explore your past? Maybe you are hiding what is back there? Do you feel stabbed in the back? Do you find yourself wanting to scream out, “Get off my back!”?

In order to move freely into your future, you need to release the past anger and guilt and embrace your present and future with love in your heart.

Lower Back Pain

With today’s financial hard times, are your finances in a mess? Do you worry about them excessively? The lack of money, fear of not having enough, or fear of material loss may be the cause of your lower back bothering you. The amount of money you have has nothing to do with it. It’s the fear of lack of financial support, the fear of your own survival that amplifies the pain.

What is solution? 

There are two ways of going about it. One option is to work directly with your emotions and once they are understood, accepted and released, potentially your back pain will follow suit and heal.

The other approach is radically opposite – you have massages on regular basis or do specific exercises to strengthen your core and back and by releasing back pain you indirectly also eliminate the symptoms which were causing that pain in the first place. Laying on a table and allowing a professional masseuse to work out the kinks is the most pleasurable solution to the agonising problem expecially if the therapeutic part is nicely blended into more pleserable stokes of sensual massage.

I hope this article has helped to build the awareness behind the reasons of back pain and offered a little insight into my approach to healing and massage.

Passive meditation within Sensual Massage

Being in the ‘here and now’ is one of the most sought-after sensations. But what is ‘meditation’ and ‘mindfulness’, and how can one ‘be present’?

These are much more than simple words and phrases. They express hope and anticipation for change. They hint at a better, more fulfilled way of being. They suggest happiness.

Some of my clients even take courses to learn those principles, in hopes of mastering them in real life. But the hard truth is, we all know them already. They are integrated into our being, deep within our core. That’s why whenever we fall out of that natural state we feel stress and unease.

To illustrate my point, think back to a memory in your childhood when you would happily play around with your mates. It’s a universal activity. We all know what it feels like: Playful, carefree, silly, and wild. We would beg our parents to let us play more.

Unfortunately as grownups we forget about those times. Instead we accept what we have been told – that we have to learn it all from scratch, undertake courses, and trust in other people’s expertise to teach us what we already know.

Allow me to open the doors for you, and let you in on the secret of mindfulness and being present: It’s about enjoying and having fun with whatever you’re doing –  that is the formula of being in the moment, being present! Whether you like playing sport, or watching your favorite team, reading a book for that matter, or getting an exceptional sensually relaxing massage… it all comes down to enjoying what you’re doing.

The more you introduce activities you truly enjoy into your every day life, the more you experience those moments of true presence! My suggestion: Make a list of your top ten favourite things that you truly enjoy today. Then make sure to incorporate those things into your every day life as much as possible. That’s it!

The secret to a sensual massage is that you don’t have to do anything; the most important part, however, is to find the right therapist – someone you can trust and feel comfortable with. Then just lay down and allow the therapist to take you on that journey of sensual pleasures and sensations. The intensity of massage is so great that unwillingly you forget about everything, and within the first few seconds you drift in that state of ‘here and now’. Your meditation has occurred. The best part is, you don’t have to do anything to achieve it – I call this “passive meditation”.

Come and try it for yourself!

Hot stone sensual massage

Hot stone sensual massage

There is nothing that can make you instantly feel as good and well taken care of as a deeply relaxing, warmly pampering, deliciously enjoyable hot stone sensual massage.

These treatments are blissful and pleasurable on their own. Now, imagine the sense-tingling experience when they are combined and applied together.

It’s a union made in heaven!

Hot stones helps to enhance your sense of relaxation and calm as they gently are smoothened over your body, allowing the heat to penetrate your muscles. A unique mix of hot stones and hand stokes result in immediate relaxation and a pleasurable sensation that only a deep tissue massage combined with soft, gentle and erotically stimulating touch can deliver.

This massage will trigger a deeply relaxed, blissed-out and meditative state. It’s just what you need to release stored tension, recharge your energy levels, and relax into a blend of tranquil sensations and a general feeling of well-being.

Hot stone massage is highly detoxifying, purifying, healing, strengthening and rejuvenating. It will help maintain your overall balance and it’s a great tool in enhancing a healthy lifestyle. Mentally, a hot stone massage will release negative emotions like anxiety, anger, and frustration to leave you feeling blissfully happy and completely satisfied.

I created this hot stone sensual massage for your benefit and pleasure, to be enjoyed and remembered. It will help you feel nurtured, pampered and special.

Hot stone sensual massage is a well-earned treat, so indulge often.

Best present for Her in Valentine’s Day

There is a beautiful saying:

“If a woman smiles, then some kind of a man is trying very hard!”

With Valentine’s Day a few days away, you may start looking for just the right present for the person you love, admire and have joy of spending time together.

As a general rule, the more practical the gift, the less exciting it will be for her. While we are all different, no woman in her right mind would be happy with a new vacuum cleaner for Valentine’s Day. However, I can appreciate that finding just the right present can be a very daunting experience, even if you are an expert in knowing what women want.

Allow me to make a few suggestions – some personal favourites that will be sure to impress:

1. Flower delivery. This is my favourite… one should never underestimate the pleasure of a floral surprise. We love flowers, and we love gushing to our friends about the men who gave them to us unexpectedly. More than anything we value and appreciate the time effort you took in organizing a beautiful surprise. Hint: It doesn’t matter that in reality it was your secretary who placed the order. Just a small word of advice – write a very personal message on the card! And await her glowing response…

Trust me, the results will speak for themselves.

2. Jewellery. It may be a cliché, but you can’t blame a girl for liking jewelry. It’s integrated deep into our DNA to cover ourselves with beautiful sparkles and shine. It just comes down to figuring out your woman’s taste. Notice what metal she chooses to wear most often. Is it silver, gold or rose gold? It may make no difference to you, but trust me it will for her. And if she doesn’t have any rings on her finger (apart from the ones on there for a reason), more than likely she’s not into them in the first place.

Once you have all these details under your belt, it’s time to switch on your intuition and good taste, which I am sure you have plenty of! In worst-case scenario, you can always have a great time chatting up with the sale’s person while she helps choosing you just the right present for your femme fatale.

One of my secret brands which I enjoy a lot both for the quality and presentation is Italian brand Do Do. (

3. Lingerie. As much as you enjoy the sight of your woman in beautiful little things, she equally enjoys wearing them. I doubt I need to convince you, so here are a few of my recommended brands: Myla, Agent Provocateur and La Perla. La Perla is a more conservative choice, whilst English brand Myla is suitable for any taste, with a sexy twist  and Agent Provocateur, my personal favourite, sais everything itself.

Choose one of these options or all three of them, and be well prepared for this special day. Always remember – Whatever you put into a relationship, you also get out.

Happy Valentine’s Day and all the rest of days coming after…

Benefits of Sensual Touch

Amazing benefits of touch and why hormone, oxytocin, is so vital to our all well being

Touch is so vital to humans, and most of us don’t get nearly enough of it. Babies deprived of touch don’t develop normally because certain connections in the brain actually disappear. Orphans who receive very, very little touch often die as a result, and those who survive can experience permanent physical and mental retardation. Kids who don’t get enough touch grow up to become aggressive and antisocial adults. Older adults who don’t get enough touch also suffer, becoming senile sooner, and dying earlier. We’re all affected by touch, and it’s not “all in the mind”; rather it’s the result of complex hormonal responses, which actually change our bodies and brains.

The Oxytocin Love Loop

Touch causes our bodies to produce a hormone called oxytocin. Not only does touch stimulate production of oxytocin, but oxytocin promotes a desire to touch and be touched: it’s a feedback loop that can have wonderful results. Oxytocin makes us feel good about the person who causes the oxytocin to be released, and it causes a bonding between the two persons.

6 main benefits to improve your life with oxytocin

1. Oxytocin plays a significant role in our sexuality.

Higher levels of oxytocin result in greater sexual receptivity, and because oxytocin increases testosterone production (which is responsible for sex drive in both men and women) sex drive can also increase.

Oxytocin levels correlate positively with enhanced sexual behavior, and intensity of feelings of romantic love.

2. Oxytocin increases the sensitivity.

The penis and the nipples, improves erections, and makes both orgasm and ejaculation stronger; it may even increase sperm counts.

3.  Oxytocin  can help you lose weight.

Oxytocin helps to increase our feelings of well being, it helps us have more energy, it helps reduce the intensity of our stress experience thereby setting the grounds for weight loss. When we feel less stressed, have more energy and feel better about ourselves we are more likely to make better food choices, and enjoy the benefits of exercise.

4. It can help you fight disease and disorders.

Keeping you healthy and feeling better longer. Nowadays its a common known fact that most of our diseases are related to stress. To state this differently, if you listed all the conditions and diseases related to stress or aggravated by stress, you’d have to list nearly every known condition. Oxytocin is the “anti-stress” hormone. By easing stress, oxytocin supports the healing of all stress related conditions.

5. Oxytocin can help stop smoking.

Oxytocin and nicotine have much in common. Both calm anxiety. Both light up the brain’s “reward center” – a network of cells linked to pleasure. But oxytocin is clearly the healthier of the two chemicals, and researchers think it may have the power to help smokers “kick butts.” Oxytocin’s reputation as the “love hormone” is actually the reason why support groups benefit people with addictions, scientists say. Those with bad habits to kick reinforce feelings of safety and trust among peers when they meet to talk about their struggles, a process that triggers the release of oxytocin in the brain.

6. It can make you feel better.

Oxytocin plays a vital role in promoting factors that enhance well-being. First, Oxytocin plays a critical role at enhancing factors within the individual which promote well-being. Oxytocin induces increase in level of trust and reduction of fear through modulating the response of amygdala and other central structures to stress and fear. Oxytocin increases approach and prosocial behaviour and enhances social interactions, as evidenced by

human and animal studies. Oxytocin reduces subjective sense of anxiety, increases overall calm and is implicated in non-verbal intelligence. Oxytocin is also implicated in many physiological effects, including reduction in free cortisol levels, blood pressure, analgesia and pro-wound healing.

A list of natural ways to increase oxytocin:

• Offer a sweet kiss
• Share a warm hug
• Cuddle
• Make love
• Have an orgasm (alone or with someone else)
• Sing in a choir
• Give someone a neck rub
• Hold a baby
• Stroke a dog or cat
• Perform a generous act
• Share a bath together

Finding A Genuine Sensual Masseuse

Massage is for Real Men

It is said that real men don’t cry or wear their heart on their sleeve. Real men are resilient and stoic, that they shun sensuality and intimacy in preference to instant gratifications. It is also said that real men don’t seek professional help for their psychological aches and pains or emotional fears and so when it has come to reducing their stress this has traditionally limited their options for treatment, instead relying on a hard session at the gym or the pub to eradicate the anxieties that engulf them in today’s competitive image conscious society.

Massage is on the “up”

Therefore it should come as no surprise that according to the International Spa Association, the number of men who have visited Spas in the last five years has grown by 900%. Spas are now socially accepted and of course are extremely enjoyable and Londoners recently admitted that a Spa treatment helped them relax better than a Friday night at the pub and it is massage that is at the top of the list for chosen treatments for men.

The challenges for men having a massage.

As every man who has experienced massage knows it can be an encounter of mixed feelings. On the one hand to have your body and muscles worked deep and to feel the intimate touch of another’s hands, male or female, is a wonderfully relaxing therapeutic sensation. On the other hand it can also be an experience fraught with anxiety and tension since with even the most expert hands at work many men become acutely aware of the rumbling sensations of arousal as the body responds and with it the fear of obvious visual detection and subsequent embarrassment.

Sensual Massage – more than just a “rub & tug”

Getting a “hard on” during a regular massage is probably everyman’s nightmare, particularly if the treatment is clearly designed only to be therapeutic. The embarrassment is compounded more so if the masseur has not brought up the subject of potential arousal and through their own awkwardness to the subject, leaves it as an unspoken “demon” that hangs in the air throughout the whole proceedings! It is because of this that many men will avoid having massage at all, but increasingly more and more men are discovering the availability, pleasure and safety of receiving a Sensual Massage that is designed to includes both proper muscle work and allows, sometimes even encourages, full arousal often to orgasm. The internet now gives plenty of opportunity to find a sensual massage but how do clients find a masseur who is both trained in massage and comfortable to include intimate erotic touch as part of the treatment.

How to spot the “Givers” from the “Takers”

With none of the official massage schools broad minded enough to train practitioners how to give sensual massage, clients are generally reliant on their own initiative when searching the pages and pages of adverts. Often sensual massage will be couched in “Tantric” language which, much to the dismay of true Tantra teachers, has become a bi word for erotic massage. Just because it talks of “Lingums” and “Wands of Light” it does not necessarily mean you will receive a professional massage. So for those men who do want to enjoy a sensual massage given by a professional here are a few tips on how to sort the genuine “givers” from the “takers”

12 Tips on how to find a good sensual masseur

  1. Has the masseur got their own web site – generally if they have invested effort and money in a web site then they will be more serious about their work. The better the web site the more professional the masseur.
  2. Ask if the masseur has been trained by a legitimate massage school in either Therapeutic, Swedish or Sports Massage – a tip is to ask if they include Effleurage or Petrissage strokes in the massage, any properly trained masseur will know these correct terms for long flowing strokes and kneading movements.
  3. Ask for a full description of what the massage will or won’t include, if they indicate that they do not offer sexual services then they will more than likely be more genuine in their approach.
  4. Do they display client testimonials on the web site – Of course it’s easy to make these up but usually the genuine testimonials can be spotted rather than those self written.
  5. Beware of discounts – a good sensual masseur does not usually need to give discounts.
  6. Don’t go for anything less than 60 min – 75 min or 90 is the usual length of a full body sensual massage. Offering 30 minutes generally means only one thing!
  7. Do they have their own massage studio or do they just offer “out calls” – a proper massage can really only be given on a massage bed or possibly a yoga mat, beds are not suitable whether hotel or home and generally implies that the massage will slip quite quickly into something more sexual and then finish as soon as the client reaches orgasm with no discount for reduced time.
  8. Look for “talent” not “tit” “creativity not cock”. Don’t get swayed by erotic suggestive pictures of the masseurs, take notice of the more professionally presented masseurs.
  9. Look at their operating times – if it’s predominantly a late night service then it will be more “tug” than “rub”
  10. If you can when making the enquiry speak to the masseur themselves, a lot can be understood from their level of spoken English and knowledge of their service
  11. Go with your “gut” if you don’t feel right don’t book, if you feel iffy on the phone imagine what you will feel like when they have their hands on you.
  12. And finally NEVER be afraid to walk away before the massage begins. If the venue, cleanliness and atmosphere make you uncomfortable, even if you have to pay a cancelation fee it’s better to be out of pocket than out of your depth!