Best present for Her in Valentine’s Day

There is a beautiful saying:

“If a woman smiles, then some kind of a man is trying very hard!”

With Valentine’s Day a few days away, you may start looking for just the right present for the person you love, admire and have joy of spending time together.

As a general rule, the more practical the gift, the less exciting it will be for her. While we are all different, no woman in her right mind would be happy with a new vacuum cleaner for Valentine’s Day. However, I can appreciate that finding just the right present can be a very daunting experience, even if you are an expert in knowing what women want.

Allow me to make a few suggestions – some personal favourites that will be sure to impress:

1. Flower delivery. This is my favourite… one should never underestimate the pleasure of a floral surprise. We love flowers, and we love gushing to our friends about the men who gave them to us unexpectedly. More than anything we value and appreciate the time effort you took in organizing a beautiful surprise. Hint: It doesn’t matter that in reality it was your secretary who placed the order. Just a small word of advice – write a very personal message on the card! And await her glowing response…

Trust me, the results will speak for themselves.

2. Jewellery. It may be a cliché, but you can’t blame a girl for liking jewelry. It’s integrated deep into our DNA to cover ourselves with beautiful sparkles and shine. It just comes down to figuring out your woman’s taste. Notice what metal she chooses to wear most often. Is it silver, gold or rose gold? It may make no difference to you, but trust me it will for her. And if she doesn’t have any rings on her finger (apart from the ones on there for a reason), more than likely she’s not into them in the first place.

Once you have all these details under your belt, it’s time to switch on your intuition and good taste, which I am sure you have plenty of! In worst-case scenario, you can always have a great time chatting up with the sale’s person while she helps choosing you just the right present for your femme fatale.

One of my secret brands which I enjoy a lot both for the quality and presentation is Italian brand Do Do. (

3. Lingerie. As much as you enjoy the sight of your woman in beautiful little things, she equally enjoys wearing them. I doubt I need to convince you, so here are a few of my recommended brands: Myla, Agent Provocateur and La Perla. La Perla is a more conservative choice, whilst English brand Myla is suitable for any taste, with a sexy twist  and Agent Provocateur, my personal favourite, sais everything itself.

Choose one of these options or all three of them, and be well prepared for this special day. Always remember – Whatever you put into a relationship, you also get out.

Happy Valentine’s Day and all the rest of days coming after…