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What is your back pain trying to tell you?

  One of the main reasons people first look into massage is because they are experiencing a form of back pain. It’s a common side effect of our modern, sedentary lifestyle. Certainly most people know that too little exercise and sitting in front of a computer all day are hazardous to back health. But what […]

Passive meditation within Sensual Massage

Being in the ‘here and now’ is one of the most sought-after sensations. But what is ‘meditation’ and ‘mindfulness’, and how can one ‘be present’? These are much more than simple words and phrases. They express hope and anticipation for change. They hint at a better, more fulfilled way of being. They suggest happiness. Some […]

Hot stone sensual massage

Hot stone sensual massage There is nothing that can make you instantly feel as good and well taken care of as a deeply relaxing, warmly pampering, deliciously enjoyable hot stone sensual massage. These treatments are blissful and pleasurable on their own. Now, imagine the sense-tingling experience when they are combined and applied together. It’s a […]

Best present for Her in Valentine’s Day

There is a beautiful saying: “If a woman smiles, then some kind of a man is trying very hard!” With Valentine’s Day a few days away, you may start looking for just the right present for the person you love, admire and have joy of spending time together. As a general rule, the more practical […]

Benefits of Sensual Touch

Amazing benefits of touch and why hormone, oxytocin, is so vital to our all well being Touch is so vital to humans, and most of us don’t get nearly enough of it. Babies deprived of touch don’t develop normally because certain connections in the brain actually disappear. Orphans who receive very, very little touch often […]

Finding A Genuine Sensual Masseuse

Massage is for Real Men It is said that real men don’t cry or wear their heart on their sleeve. Real men are resilient and stoic, that they shun sensuality and intimacy in preference to instant gratifications. It is also said that real men don’t seek professional help for their psychological aches and pains or […]