My virtues

I am a professionally trained therapeutic masseuse. Sensual massage is my meditation and my form of art. Every time I work on the body it is like creating a new painting. There are never two paintings alike, as there no two people alike. Even for you, every time you see me it will be different. For me it’s a matter of connecting to you, breathing at the same pace as you, mirror you and then lead you in sublime world of sensuality. Be open to the magic that it brings.

I am also a healer. Predominantly I use Reiki as my healing tool. If you’re experiencing back pain, general unease, high stress, depression, mental tiredness, low level of immunity or lack of inspiration and motivation in life, it’s important to balance your energy. Within the first few minutes of my massage you will begin to feel restored. You will breath a sigh of relief and will be astonished at how quickly you begin to feel like yourself again.

My healing and exceedingly sensual touch will put you in trance-like state where the outside world around you disappears, your senses become heightened, reality and illusion blurs into an extraordinary experience it’s hard to wake up from.

Everything I have learnt, studied and experienced in my life, I bring to create the best possible form of art for you to enjoy and relish every single moment of it. I am there 100% for you. It’s all about you. The moment you walk in till the moment you leave I am there for you. Within seconds you  feel at ease and magic can begin.