Passive meditation within Sensual Massage

Being in the ‘here and now’ is one of the most sought-after sensations. But what is ‘meditation’ and ‘mindfulness’, and how can one ‘be present’?

These are much more than simple words and phrases. They express hope and anticipation for change. They hint at a better, more fulfilled way of being. They suggest happiness.

Some of my clients even take courses to learn those principles, in hopes of mastering them in real life. But the hard truth is, we all know them already. They are integrated into our being, deep within our core. That’s why whenever we fall out of that natural state we feel stress and unease.

To illustrate my point, think back to a memory in your childhood when you would happily play around with your mates. It’s a universal activity. We all know what it feels like: Playful, carefree, silly, and wild. We would beg our parents to let us play more.

Unfortunately as grownups we forget about those times. Instead we accept what we have been told – that we have to learn it all from scratch, undertake courses, and trust in other people’s expertise to teach us what we already know.

Allow me to open the doors for you, and let you in on the secret of mindfulness and being present: It’s about enjoying and having fun with whatever you’re doing –  that is the formula of being in the moment, being present! Whether you like playing sport, or watching your favorite team, reading a book for that matter, or getting an exceptional sensually relaxing massage… it all comes down to enjoying what you’re doing.

The more you introduce activities you truly enjoy into your every day life, the more you experience those moments of true presence! My suggestion: Make a list of your top ten favourite things that you truly enjoy today. Then make sure to incorporate those things into your every day life as much as possible. That’s it!

The secret to a sensual massage is that you don’t have to do anything; the most important part, however, is to find the right therapist – someone you can trust and feel comfortable with. Then just lay down and allow the therapist to take you on that journey of sensual pleasures and sensations. The intensity of massage is so great that unwillingly you forget about everything, and within the first few seconds you drift in that state of ‘here and now’. Your meditation has occurred. The best part is, you don’t have to do anything to achieve it – I call this “passive meditation”.

Come and try it for yourself!