London Massage Guide Interview

How did you first become aware of sensual massage and why did you choose to become a sensual masseuse?
Since I can remember, I’ve always been very sensual and tactile. When I was just a girl, I would give back massages to family members and enjoy doing it. Back then it wouldn’t even cross my mind that one day I would become a masseuse, especially not a sensual one. But today being a sensual masseuse for me is like breathing; it’s second nature. My work is a reflection of myself.

When I moved to London, I was introduced to the man who many see as one of the pioneers in the art of sensual massage. He even claims he came up with the term itself, whereas before it was known either tantric massage or an escort service. I can’t confirm that’s the case, but I knew him well as a sex therapist and sensual masseuse, predominantly for men. He became my first teacher and mentor, who helped me develop a more profound understanding of male sensuality and arousal.

I spent many years working along side him. Like in the old days when masters had adjutants, I was learning everyday bit by bit by observing, listening, assisting in four-hands massages, until one day I felt it was time to leave the nest and give independence a try. These days apart from giving sensual massage I also help other female therapists to become independent and built up their own practices.

How many years have you been a masseuse in London and during that time have you noticed more people becoming aware of tantric and erotic massage?

I have been working as a sensual masseuse in London full time for the last six years. I’ve noticed a significant difference in people’s awareness around sensual massages in this time. People feel more comfortable and even have started to recommend sensual massage services to one another.

This change has a lot to do with the growing quality of the service. I genuinely believe, the more there will be highly qualified specialists around the better and more safe and comfortable people will feel to approach this business.
Equally, more and more people recognise significant benefits of sensual massage and the way it helps them feel uplifted, inspired, and more alive.

It is my belief that in a couple of years, this type of massage will become mainstream, even being offered at spas and possibly prescribed by GP’s as an alternative approach to deal with such nowadays ailments and mental conditions as stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, insomnia to name a few.

What can people expect when they visit you for a sensual massage?
Quality, authenticity, serenity, a place of sanctuary, a place where to be yourself, true intimacy and never before experienced sensations.
It is a unique, intuitive and one-off, individually tailored bespoke experience that hard to find anywhere else, so I been told many times…